Exotic Ways To Choose The Best SUP Paddle Board

Summer time is upon us, and we have to make the most out of it. After all, it’s only a season and is nature’s way of helping us get our minds off things. There are so many activities to get involved in and turn the scorching heat into a blessing. Take paddling, for instance. It doesn’t take a guru to learn how to have fun using these boards. Of course, it takes practice, but it also requires you to be skilled in choosing the best ones yet.

These are not just sold at the regular paddle board market the best dealers have their boards doing the talking. It’s quite a tricky affair especially if you are taking part in it for the first time. There are plenty of factors to consider when buying one. We shall look at each of them and put them into perspective.

Tips for choosing SUP boards

Just so you won’t feel lost, here are some tips to guide you when buying top rated SUP boards:

1. Consider your level of expertise.

Paddle boards are designed according to the user’s experience. For instance, it would be ridiculous to buy one that’s intended for experts when you’re a beginner. Just to make things easier for you, ask around for the one that’s best for you.


2. Have a look at the weight.

Don’t go for one that will only make you sink when placed in water. Worse still, one that is so heavy for you to carry that you have to drag it around.

3. Take a look at the specs.

If you are buying it online, this is your opportunity to take your time and select only the best. The speed at which it cruises is among the most important factors to consider.

4. Ensure that it’s durable.

Make sure that it is strong enough to last you until the next summer. This would be quite a saving, and you’d spend the money on other constructive matters.

With all these at your finger tips, you are all set to go ahead and paint the town red. You are free to get more tips from your friends as you get together this summer.

Benefits of using SUP paddle board;

As you’ve made your informed decisions about the paddle board, get to know about the benefits as well;

1. It lasts longer than other ordinary paddle boards.

When you shop online, you’ll know all about the fantastic specs that make it durable. For instance, the material it’s made of will speak volumes to any ready buyer.


2. It comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

It’s human nature to want something else for a change every once in a while. This case also applies to the paddle boards. It’s an adventurous feeling to try out something new.

3. It’s affordable.

Since the manufacturers are aware it’s summertime, they’d love to let you in on the best deals. You’ll never run out of exotic paddle boards to choose from. You can even pick one that just suits the kind of lifestyle you prefer.…


For beginners, this is the guide you need to a bike


Are you now ready to give a try into bike riding? That is a good decision because you will not only have a new hobby but something that can improve your health. But you will not wake up today and go straight to the market to buy a bike.

For your help in buying your first fitness and health bike, here is what you should know:

Choose a bike size that fits you

22mnxbcnbnxTo reap all the health and fitness benefits from your bike, you should be cautious about its size. You may have to physically test your potential bike. Test the saddle and the bike’s height to make sure that it is exactly what you would want for your daily road trips. You will nothave to strain to keep it in control and you are assured of meeting your fitness goals.

Choose your safety features wisely

You are buying your bike to ensure that you keep a check on your fitness and healthy charts. It is therefore important that you are assured of your safety. Some of the safety features you should have are brakes, tire treads, back light reflector and the general firmness of your bike. Only buy a bike that gives priority to your safety.

How much should you pay for a beginner’s bike?

Since you are just beginning into the biking world, you should not spend so much for your first purchase. You should go for something moderately priced. There are great offers for beginners’ bikes out there. Going over online reviews and customer reports could give you a rough estimate of what you should be ready to spend.

Fork and frame material

Another key consideration you should be making for your first bike is the body and fork materials. The most common materials you will come across are aluminum, carbon, and alloy. For most beginners’ bikes, you
will have the body made of aluminum and the fork made from carbon fiber. This combination will give you good balance and reliability every time you decide to hit the road. If you would wish for a light option, then go for a frame and fork made from carbon fiber. This one can be very fast and comfortable.

Since you are just beginning, you should go for the lightest, comfortable and more reliable option. Once you become a pro, you can upgrade to a better version to get more health and fitness benefits.

What brand is best for beginners?

33jbghhjAs you may already know, there are so many bike brands out there. You will be spoiled for choice. However, you should test different brands and see the one that will work perfectly for you. It is only a matter of preference to choose one brand over another one.

Bottom line

For beginner road bikes, you need to be sure of what you are buying. You need something that will be of benefit to your health. Go over some online reviews before you make your choice. Whatever beginner’s bike that is being praised for fitness and health advantages, that is the choice you should go for.…