Least Known Ways To Keep A Newborn Baby Healthy

A newborn is the most vulnerable human being to diseases. The simple reason behind this is that newborns have very weak immune systems. Preventing your baby from catching perilous health conditions takes a lot of care. That is why this post highlights some tips on how to keep a newborn baby healthy.
1) Get vaccinationsBaby 02

Germs and viruses rank at the top when it comes to the causes of diseases. You can prevent infections caused as a result of these two by getting your child vaccinated. The most important thing is to follow a vaccine schedule that has been tested and proved to be effective. You can seek the assistance of a medic professional such as a pediatrician for that purpose.
2) Wash the baby’s hands often

People catch the germ-based illnesses by touch. When you touch your baby with your dirty hands, she picks up germs, and when she touches her mouth or eyes, the germs enter into her system causing diseases. With the use of soaps or preferably alcohol-based sanitizers, you can ensure that the hands of your newborn remain germ-free.

On the same note, you need to make sure that whoever touches your baby, has his hands sanitized or rather washed with soap. And if you are aware of a sick person who seeks to pay your newborn a visit, let them wait until they have recuperated. It may sound paranoid, but as always, prevention is better than cure.

3) Keep the kitchen and the bathroom clean

Your bathroom and kitchen are some of the areas that contain a lot of germs. A dirty kitchen poses the danger of causing food-borne diseases, and that’s why you need to sanitize every surface. Your bathroom counter, floor, toilet or any other equipment should remain clean.
4) Keep on breastfeedingBaby 01

There are parents who stop breastfeeding when they catch a cold or the flu. They get disillusioned that when they breastfeed, they will pass on the illness to their baby. Contrary to that, you give your baby antibodies that prevent the newborn from catching either of them.
5) Control contact

Before your newborn hits three months, you need to watch the places you take her. Avoiding crowded places such as groceries or shopping malls is imperative. You do not want your child to catch a communicable disease like a cold.

However, you don’t limit taking your baby out to zero. A newborn requires to breath some fresh air. Most importantly, the sun provides a free, abundant supply of vitamin D that is a crucial nutrient for your baby.

Taking note of the tips mentioned above keeps you armed and out of the category of people who don’t know how to keep a newborn baby healthy.

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